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Traffic Commissioner Representation

Representation to the Traffic Commissioner with Llandudno based Independent Vehicle Test & Audit Services, IVTA

Traffic Commissioner Representation Llandudno, IVTA ServicesThe role of the Traffic Commissioner is to make Britain’s roads safer and enable competition within the commercial vehicle industry to be more equitable, ensuring that seriously non-compliant commercial vehicle, coach and bus operators are targeted effectively.

IVTA Services has vast experience in placing operator shortcomings before Traffic Commissioners.

Public Inquiry: A Public Inquiry before the Traffic Commissioner can lead to the loss of your operator license, which may prevent the operator’s license in the future. Representation may help you provide such a catastrophy.

Operator License: Applying for an operator license can be frustrating, time consuming and difficult to get right. IVTA Services can lighten your load, help you represent a more accurate and timely application, saving time, frustration and enabling you to get on with running your business.

If you require Traffic Commissioner Representation, then please contact IVTA Services today.