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MOT / ATF Tester Training Consultancy Services

It’s all about compliance

IVTA Services provide MOT / ATF Tester Training Services to testing stations, administering the UK and ROI vehicle testing schemes. We provide advice, education and training in support of Testing Standards.

With our wealth of practical experience, we can give advice and train for successful authorisation and operation.

  • Tester training.
  • Expert user of the UK MOT Computerised process.
  • Support in application, construction and commencement of test authorisation.
  • Audit of test records and systems.
  • Quality control of Vehicle Testers, which can include mystery shopper testing.

If you feel that IVTA Services can assist you with Tester Training, then please contact us.


From April 2016, in order to maintain their testing status, all MOT testers must complete and record a minimum of 3 hours MOT annual training each year, before the 31 of March the following year.

They must also sit and pass an on line assessment and maintain a training record.

  Delivers MOT Training and Annual Training to VTS and Nominated Testers across England and Wales.
  They provide convenient and cost effective solutions to meet DVSA requirements for Authorised Testing Stations and Testers.
  Provide convenient and cost-effective solutions for MOT Testing Stations to meet their ever growing DVSA commitments.
  Courses are conducted using only ex-DVSA/VOSA senior training staff and senior enforcement officers.
  Working hard to place training courses in your location, Visit the booking site and see that they have venues in your location. If you prefer in house training they will consider your needs.
  Has made arrangements, so that Testers can take their on line assessment at the end of training sessions and have also negotiated a special discount for you with the assessment providers.

Visit www.gbmot-training.co.uk and see how you can exceed DVSA requirements.

DVSA have stated that it expects MOT testing stations to exceed their minimum requirements.

Protect your Vehicle Testing Authorisation, by taking personal control of your requirement to surpassing DVSA’s minimum requirements.